Aug 14, 2012

2012 Big Ten Previews: Ohio State with Land Grant Holy Land

We’re previewing college football season with a look at all of our school partners. Though Ohio State won’t be eligible for postseason play in 2012, they figure to have a big impact on how the Big Ten bowl landscape shakes out. Luke Zimmermann from Land Grant Holy Land helps us preview the new season 

Despite the one-year bowl ban, there are plenty of crucial matchups slated for Urban Meyer’s first season in Columbus. A visit to Michigan State Sept. 29 followed by a home game against Nebraska a week later will test the Buckeyes. OSU will also be challenged by back-to-back games against Wisconsin and Michigan to end the season.

2011 Record: 6-7

2011 Bowl: Gator Bowl vs. Florida, 17-24

Orlando Bowl History

1985 Florida Citrus Bowl vs. BYU, 10-7
1993 Florida Citrus Bowl vs. Georgia, 14-21
1995 Florida Citrus Bowl vs. Alabama, 17-24
1996 Florida Citrus Bowl vs. Tennessee, 14-20

Q&A with Luke Zimmerman at Land Grant Holy Land

Describe the 2011 season in two words.

Eternal Sunshine.

Given Urban Meyer’s offense, will Braxton Miller have to be registered as a lethal weapon by midseason?

It’s an election year and Ohio is rather pro-gun at the moment. The waiting period to purchase a Braxton Miller is a grand total of 15-20 minutes (though Urban will have to go through the proper registration/courses if he wants to carry him on his person at all times).

Do you expect any major changes to the defense now that Luke Fickell is teaming up with another ex-interim coach in Everett Withers?

The word defensively is continuity. I suspect if anything, the defense will benefit from having Fickell more hands on without the burden of head coaching responsibilities taking away from his ability to fully put his imprint on what could be a top 10 unit natinoally.

On paper, what looks like the toughest game this season?

A hundred thousand Wolverines’ ears (or eyes?) would burn if I said anything other than That Team Up North. Wisconsin is the returning conference champions, but that sort of churn in the coaching ranks is bound to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune time over a long enough time line.

Most talk about Ohio State in 2012 has been all like “oh man, 2013 you guys.” So without a bowl game, what’s the benchmark for success this year?

Bold flavors. If Ohio State does something absurd and unthinkable like running the gauntlet, it’s tough to say if there’d be more frustration given the circumstances or less. If they win the games they should (with pizazz no less) and keep the contentious affairs interesting, the table setting for Urban’s vaunted “Year Two” should be plenty satisfying (though obviously not as satisfying as a year without sanctions would’ve been).

One Question In The Other Direction

My question for you: Which civic leaders and/or bowl officials do I need to grease to have the Capital One Bowl played during Ohio State’s bye week? That would remove the post season eligibility requirements, no?

Tell you what: the stadium is empty on January 2. We’ll leave the gates unlocked and a football on the field, so if Ohio State and, say, UNC want to just wander in and play a little pickup in front of 60,000 of their friends, then far be it from us to wait what’s that sound oh my god hes here mark emmerts here someone help-

Thanks to Luke and Land Grant Holy Land for helping us out. We haven’t seen Ohio State in Orlando for over a decade and hope we’ll get them back soon…in between a couple of crystal footballs or whatnot.

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