Dec 27, 2012

Bulldogs Arrive in Orlando

The Georgia Bulldogs football team arrived in Orlando on Sunday in preparation for the Capital One Bowl On Jan. 1.

The team arrived at their hotel near the attractions area around 4:00 p.m. Players joined each other for the first time since Christmas break at the hotel, coming from their respective homes.

“I’ve been home about five or six days,” quarterback Aaron Murray said during a press conference at the team hotel. “It’s been real nice to be back in Tampa.”

Murray was particularly excited to be back in his home state for one of the same reasons most people visit Orlando in the winter time.

“The weather first off is awesome,” Murray said. “I think our last day of practice it was about 30 degrees, 30 mile per hour winds, so it was not fun at all.”

Murray says his top priority during this bowl trip is to get the win, but that does not mean he will not enjoy the rest of the events planned for him and his teammates.

“It should be fun,” Murray said. “They have a lot of fun events for us between going to Disney and Sea World, Universal and stuff like that which should be awesome.”

“For who have never been to Orlando, I think they’re just excited for the theme parks,” Murray said. “Everyone has always heard of Mickey and Minnie. They’re definitely excited to go the theme parks and have some fun.”

Although many players have never been to Orlando before, some are happy to be back. LB Christian Robinson came to the Orlando the last time Georgia was in the Capital One Bowl after the 2008 season.

“This is my second trip,” Robinson said. “I stayed in this hotel freshman year with Knowshon and Stafford and those guys. It’s fun to come back. I remember not getting to take full advantage of this trip . My plan is to enjoy every moment, spend it with my friends. It’s the last time wearing the Red and Black on the field so hopefully it will be an exciting time.”

“I didn’t get to go to Sea World last time,” Robinson said. “It’s an easy walk this time and I’m going to take advantage of that.”

During the week, players will visit Universal Studios Orlando, Walt Disney World, Sea World, be treated to a Best Buy shopping spree and volunteer at the Give Kids the World Resort.

It was not all smiles at the team press conference. Head coach Mark Richt informed those present that senior DT John Jenkins will miss the Capital One Bowl, the last game of his UGA career, due to suspension.

“John Jenkins won’t be here,” said Richt. “It’s academic related, he will not be at the bowl, and that will be all I’ll say about that. … I think John Jenkins has been awesome for Georgia. I’m really proud of everything he’s accomplished for us. Just really want to wish him the very best. He’s been a blessing for our program.”


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