Dec 30, 2012

Bulldogs Give Back to Central Florida Kids

The Georgia Bulldogs football team joined central Florida youth from various charitable organizations in the area at DisneyQuest interactive theme park for a morning filled with rides, arcade games and more.

Both the Georgia and Nebraska football teams arrived at DisneyQuest and each player was paired with a youth from a charitable organization, like the Boys and Girls Club of Orlando, and spent the morning enjoying all the games the Disney attraction has to offer.

“We love giving back,” Georgia QB Aaron Murray said during the event. “We do a lot of stuff during the year with tons of organizations that this teams reaches out to, Coach Richt reaches out to give back to the community. Orlando has done so much for us since we’ve been here with all the parks and all the excitement we’ve been able to have, all the good times. So it’s a great time to be able to give back and have some fun with these kids.”

“It’s great to see the smile you put on a kid’s face,”Murray said. “Hanging out with them for a little bit, getting to know them, play some video games I guess, it’s a great time.”

The players and kids were given private access to DisneyQuest for two hours, giving them all a chance to ride all the rides, play all the games and make some memories for the kids, all without the long lines.

“It’s means a lot to me,” Georgia DE Garrison Smith said during the event. “It’s always good to be able to give back. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, the inner city. So whenever you can be around some kids and be a positive influence on them it’s a blessing.”

“For somebody to be able to look up to you and want to be like you it’s a real happy feeling,” said Smith. “I just feel blessed to be in this position.”


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