Nov 06, 2014

CFP Poll, Week 2: What It Means For The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl

The second set of the Top 25 rankings decided by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee was released Tuesday night. 

Here are the committee’s Top 25 teams decided after Week 10:

1.     Mississippi State

2.     Florida State

3.     Auburn

4.     Oregon

5.     Alabama

6.     TCU

7.     Kansas State

8.     Michigan State

9.     Arizona State

10.   Notre Dame

11.   Ole Miss

12.   Baylor

13.   Nebraska

14.   Ohio State

15.   Oklahoma

16.   LSU

17.   Utah

18.   UCLA

19.   Arizona

20.   Georgia

21.   Clemson

22.   Duke

23.   West Virginia

24.   Georgia Tech

25.   Wisconsin

You can get a better understanding of how the committee ranks teams with a couple of helpful breakdowns: one from BusinessInsider and another from Sports On Earth.

The selection committee did not deviate from last week’s rankings until they reached No. 4, where Ole Miss was replaced by Oregon after the Rebels’ loss to Auburn.  The Big Ten was again shut out of the top four spots; however there is still plenty of time for one of the teams to earn a playoff spot.  Ohio State and Michigan State square off this weekend, which could give the Spartans – or Buckeyes – a boost in the next set of College Football Playoff rankings.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl receives top teams from the SEC and the Big Ten once the College Football Playoff bowl games make their selections.  That means that if the season ended today our potential matchup would be No. 11 Ole Miss vs. No. 14 Ohio State.  The Rebels and Buckeyes have never played once throughout their histories.  With Ole Miss having two close losses and Ohio State falling only to Virginia Tech early in the season, this matchup would make for a great bowl matchup as well as a key game in college football history.  


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