Dec 04, 2014

CFP Poll, Week 6: What It Means For The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl

The last set of in-season College Football Playoff Rankings was released Tuesday night.  Take a look at the committee’s Top 25 rankings before the conference championship games.

1.       Alabama

2.       Oregon

3.       TCU

4.       Florida State

5.       Ohio State

6.       Baylor

7.       Arizona

8.       Michigan State

9.       Kansas State

10.   Mississippi State

11.   Georgia Tech

12.   Mississippi

13.   Wisconsin

14.   Georgia

15.   UCLA

16.   Missouri

17.   Arizona State

18.   Clemson

19.   Auburn

20.   Oklahoma

21.   Louisville

22.   Boise State

23.   Utah

24.   LSU

25.   Southern California

If the season ended today, the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl would have a number of different options are.  Orlando would host either No. 18 Clemson or No. 21 Louisville from the ACC vs. No. 12 Ole Miss, No. 14 Georgia No. 16 Missouri, No. 19 Auburn or No. 24 LSU from the SEC.

The Orange Bowl matches the ACC champion against the highest-ranked non-champion team from the SEC,  Big Ten or Notre Dame, which at the moment is No. 8 Michigan State*.  The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl would then choose an ACC team rather than its traditional Big Ten selection.

If Missouri defeats No. 1 Alabama, the Tigers will be guaranteed a spot in one of the CFP bowls as the SEC champion. 

* For the sake of these projections, we assume that Ohio State will either be the Big Ten champion (and thus not eligible for the Orange Bowl slot) or that it will fall below Michigan State with a loss in the Big Ten Football Championship Game. Neither of those scenarios are guaranteed, of course.


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