Dec 27, 2012

Malcolm Mitchell is Right Where He Belongs

Malcolm Mitchell is an all-around team player by definition, doing whatever his coaches need from him to give his squad the best chance of winning. Last offseason, that meant switching from his regular position at wideout to the other side of the ball and playing corner for Dawgs.

The sophomore WR was called upon to play in the secondary after suspensions kept starting CB Sanders Commings and S Bacarri Rambo out for the first couple games. Mitchell played at CB for the first five games this season, recording 12 tackles and three pass break-ups, before making the transition back to WR.

After spending time at CB, Mitchell is happy his coaches moved him back to his original position.

“I knew it was going to happen regardless,” Mitchell said during practice in Orlando for the Capital One Bowl. “It is good to be settled down at my spot.”

Mitchell says while he was glad he could help his team, he wants to remain a receiver and put his time at CB behind him.

“I’m going to leave it (playing CB) alone,” said Mitchell with a laugh.

Even with less playing time at WR this season, Mitchell led Georgia with 40-receptions for 572 yards and four touchdowns. Mitchell also had arguably the offensive play of year for Georgia with a 45-yard touchdown reception that gave the Dawgs the lead it needed to hold off Florida in Jacksonville.

“That was one of the best moments here (at Georgia) and I think it will be one the best moments no matter where I go,” said Mitchell when asked about the big play. “It was such a huge moment in the game and such a big game and to be able to do that, it was just a gift from God.”

He hopes that his momentum he gained through the end of this season and during preparation for the Capital One Bowl carries over into next season as well.

“(The Capital One Bowl) is the start of the new year,” Mitchell said. “That means it’s part of our season, the 2013 season, so we want to keep that going.”

Mitchell is not looking past the Nebraska matchup and wants to stay focused going into the Capital One Bowl.

“Next season is next season,” Mitchell said. “We have one more game to go. I know that’s what people usually say but imagine how it is, because you never know what could happen. It’s a long time until that comes. We still have spring practice and a recruiting class to get in and stuff like that.”

Once the Capital One Bowl has passed, Mitchell will likely emerge as Georgia’s top receiving target next season with the departure of senior WR Tavares King and Marlon Brown.

“I’m going to miss them, man,” Mitchell said. “Even outside of football. If I needed a car to go hang out with a girl or something like that or I left my wallet at home, anything. Those two have always been there for me, along with a lot of seniors.”

Look for Mitchell to make his mark in the Capital One Bowl on New Year’s Day.


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