Dec 04, 2012

Nebraska No Strangers To Consecutive Bowl Trips

This year, the Nebraska Cornhuskers return to the Capital One Bowl for the second straight year. Back-to-back bowl trips may seem like a rare occurance, but in actuality, it’s fairly common. In the case of Nebraska, it’s especially common.

One of the most storied programs in the country, Nebraska has played in 48 bowl games in school history, and has posted a 24-24 record. In nine of those games, the Blackshirts were playing in the same bowl game they played in the previous season. On three occasions, they made at least three consecutive trips to the same game, including one stretch of four straight visits to the Orange Bowl.

Results in Back-to-Back Bowl Trips
* Donotes National Championship season

Year Bowl Opponent Result
1972 Orange Alabama Win, 38-6 *
1973 Orange Notre Dame Win, 40-6
1983 Orange LSU Win, 21-20
1984 Orange Miami Loss, 31-30
1993 Orange Florida State Loss, 27-14
1994 Orange Florida State Loss, 18-16
1995 Orange Miami Win, 24-17 *
1998 Orange Tennessee Win, 42-17 *
2010 Holiday Washington Loss, 19-7

On three of those occasions – 1972, 1995, and 1998 – Nebraska won the National Title by virtue of winning the game. Also on three occasions, the Cornhuskers have played an SEC school. They are 3-0 those games. While a national championship is not on the line this year, Nebraska’s opponent, Georgia, is an SEC school.

When it’s all said and done, games played before the current roster were even born have little impact on the game being played in the present. Still, tradition is part of the fabric of college football. Playing in back-to-back bowl games has become something of a Nebraska tradition. When it comes to playing the SEC in a back-to-back, the result has always favored the lads from Lincoln. On January 1, we’ll find out if that tradition continues for Nebraska.


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