Dec 26, 2012

The Big Red Arrives In Orlando

“What’s your room number, bro?”

For millions of college students across the country, that question brings back fond memories of friendships formed and lifelong bonds built. Wednesday night at the Peabody Hotel, nearly a hundred Husker “bros” were asking each other the same question. Nebraska has arrived in Orlando.

The lads from Lincoln left behind the subzero windchill of the Heartland for the warmth and sunshine of Central Florida and went to work almost immediately. Slipping unceremoniously through one of the side entrances, Bo Pelini and Blackshirts went right into a team meeting. After receiving their marching orders for the week, the Huskers dispersed for the night, ready to explore somewhat familiar territory.

Despite the Nebraska ninja tactics, a few fans were able to locate their Husker heroes. One diehard, with her baby safely strapped to her chest, managed to find QB Taylor Martinez for a few autographs. The junior signal caller just smiled and chatted up the pleased fan about looking forward to the week’s attractions, excitement, and Tuesday’s game. The scene exemplified everything that is great about Bowl Week in Orlando: family, fun, and football.

Martinez and his teammates will have a mix of both today. After a morning practice at a local high school, the Huskers will be spending the day with Central Florida’s most fa-mouse resident. Stay tuned to @CapitalOneBowl on Twitter for all of the latest.


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