Nov 06, 2019

Week 10 Projections presented by AdventHealth: Gophers gain traction in media picks

Week 10 is in the books (check out the week 10 recap here, if you missed it), and college football media from around the country have released their latest bowl projections.

Quick Reminder: If a Big Ten team is assigned to play in a non-semifinal Orange Bowl, the Citrus Bowl will host the top non-CFP selection from the Atlantic Coast Conference against the top non-CFP selection from the SEC. The 2019-20 season is the final year that rule will be in effect. Beginning next season, the Citrus Bowl will exclusively host an SEC-Big Ten match-up.

Media Projections


Kyle Bonagura (ESPN): Auburn vs. Minnesota
Mark Schlabach (ESPN): Auburn vs. Wisconsin
Michael Shapiro (Sports Illustrated): Auburn vs. Michigan
Jerry Palm (CBS Sports): Auburn vs. Wisconsin
Bill Bender (Sporting News): Auburn vs. Wisconsin
Jason Kirk (Banner Society): Auburn vs. Michigan
Brant Parsons (Orlando Sentinel): Auburn vs. Minnesota Texas A&M vs. Wisconsin
Erick Smith (USA Today): Auburn vs. Wisconsin
Brett McMurphy (Stadium): Auburn vs. Michigan
Brad Crawford (247 Sports): Auburn vs. Minnesota


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