Sep 18, 2019

Week 3 Bowl Projections Presented by AdventHealth: Badgers, Aggies favored to make appearance

Week 3 is in the books (check out the week 3 recap here, if you missed it), and college football media from around the country have released their latest bowl projections.

Quick Reminder: If a Big Ten team is assigned to play in a non-semifinal Orange Bowl, the Citrus Bowl will host the top non-CFP selection from the Atlantic Coast Conference against the top non-CFP selection from the SEC. The 2019-20 season is the final year that rule will be in effect. Beginning next season, the Citrus Bowl will exclusively host an SEC-Big Ten match-up.

Media Projections

Kyle Bonagura (ESPN): Florida vs. Penn State
Mark Schlabach (ESPN): Auburn vs. Wake Forest
Michael Shapiro (Sports Illustrated): Auburn vs Iowa
Jerry Palm (CBS Sports): Florida vs. Wisconsin
Bill Bender (Sporting News): Auburn vs. Wisconsin
Jason Kirk (Banner Society): Florida vs. Wisconsin
Brant Parsons (Orlando Sentinel): Auburn vs. Iowa Texas A&M vs. Michigan State
Erick Smith (USA Today): Texas A&M vs. Wisconsin
Brett McMurphy (Stadium): Texas A&M vs. Wisconsin
Brad Crawford (247 Sports): Texas A&M vs. Wisconsin


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